FCC Points

How you can earn FCC points

At First Class Cannabis, we want our members to feel appreciated for their continued support! Sign up for our Rewards Program to earn cashback in FCC Points to use towards future orders by making purchases, posting reviews and referring your friends to our shop.

Here are some ways you can earn FCC Points:

New Customer!

As a thank you for becoming a new customer you will receive 800 points equating to a $40 credit . You will also receive with your first order 40mg Trippy Treat gummies a 5 dollar value totally free, the credit is added upon creation of new account and can be used on your first purchase of 100 dollars or more.

Every Purchase! 

All members earn 5% cash back in FCC Points on every order. For every $1 spent, you will receive 1 FCC Point. Every 20 FCC Points is worth $1 of store credit.

Please note: Bulk orders are excluded from earning points, however, points may be applied to bulk orders. 

Refer a Friend!

Invite your friends to First Class Cannabis via email or by sharing your referral link (found here).  Your referrals will receive $20 off their first purchase at checkout and you will receive 400 FCC Points ($20 credit) upon completion of their first purchase.*

 *In order to be eligible for referral credits, referrals must place a minimum order of $100. 

Please note: there are no limits to the referral points program. However, we reserve the right to discontinue this referral program at any time.

Leave us Reviews!

After receiving your goods, head back over to our website to leave a review and you’ll receive 20 FCC Points for each product review.

By leaving reviews on other platforms, you can earn up to 500 FCC Points per order ($25 Value). Reviews on the following platforms will be eligible for FCC Points1:

  • Reddit (r/MOMpics);
  • Reddit (r/CanadianMoMs);
  • Budview; 2
  • CanadianMOMs Forum; and
  • Instagram (tag us in a post or story with a brief review).

You’ll earn 100 FCC Points per review on each of the eligible platforms. Once you’ve left four reviews on the eligible platforms, review a product on our site to earn a bonus of 100 FCC Points.

Once you posted your reviews, link us to your reviews by emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll send FCC Points your way when your reviews have been confirmed.

Please note: there is a limit of 1 review per platform, per order. This prevents the platforms from being flooded by reviews of the same user and allows others for a chance to earn points through reviews.


1 You will only receive points if you follow the proper format for reviews on that particular platform (for example, if you post on CanadianMOMs, you must follow the required format, with pictures. 1-2 sentences will not work.) 

2  Please rate your overall experience with us and make sure you leave a review in the comments. 

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